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iOS 11 and iPhone X
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  • Swift 4.0 syntax
  • Added support for iOS 11 and iPhone X. From the readme:

SwiftMessages 4 supports iOS 11 out-of-the-box with built-in support for safe areas. To ensur that message view layouts look just right when overlapping safe areas, views that adopt the MarginAdjustable protocol (like MessageView) will have their layout margins automatically adjusted by SwiftMessages. However, there is no one-size-fits-all adjustment, so the following properties were added to MarginAdjustable to allow for additional adjustments to be made to the layout margins:

  public protocol MarginAdjustable {
      /// Safe area top adjustment in iOS 11+
      var safeAreaTopOffset: CGFloat { get set }
      /// Safe area bottom adjustment in iOS 11+
      var safeAreaBottomOffset: CGFloat { get set }

If you’re using using custom nib files or view classes and your layouts don’t look quite right, try adjusting the values of these properties. BaseView (the super class of MessageView) declares these properties to be @IBDesignable and you can find sample values in the nib files included with SwiftMessages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #100 memory leak.
  • Change Layout enum capitalization to current Swift conventions.
2 years ago