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Voice Over
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From the README:

SwiftMessages provides excellent VoiceOver support out-of-the-box.

  • The title and body of the message are combined into a single announcement when the message is shown. The MessageView.accessibilityPrefix property can be set to prepend additional clarifying text to the announcement.

    Sometimes, a message may contain important visual cues that aren’t captured in the title or body. For example, a message may rely on a yellow background to convey a warning rather than having the word “warning” in the title or body. In this case, it might be helpful to set MessageView.accessibilityPrefix = "warning".

  • If the message is shown with a dim view using config.dimMode, elements below the dim view are not focusable until the message is hidden. If config.dimMode.interactive == true, the dim view itself will be focusable and read out “dismiss” followed by “button”. The former text can be customized by setting the config.dimModeAccessibilityLabel property.

See the AccessibleMessage protocol for implementing proper accessibility support in custom views.

3 years ago