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Indefinite Duration
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  • Added the ability to display messages for an indefinite duration while enforcing a minimum duration using Duration.indefinite(delay:minimum).

    This option is useful for displaying a message when a process is taking too long but you don’t want to display the message if the process completes in a reasonable amount of time.

    For example, if a URL load is expected to complete in 2 seconds, you may use the value unknown(delay: 2, minimum 1) to ensure that the message will not be displayed most of the time, but will be displayed for at least 1 second if the operation takes longer than 2 seconds. By specifying a minimum duration, you can avoid hiding the message too fast if the operation finishes right after the delay interval.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent views below the dim view from receiving accessibility focus.
  • Prevent taps in the message view from hiding when using interactive dim mode.
  • Fix memory leak of single message view
3 years ago