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3 years ago

Main Changes since 0.16.x

  • Add possibility to set Java System Properties via CR yaml
  • Add support for Mirror Maker 2.0
  • Add Jmxtrans deployment
  • Add public keys of TLS listeners to the status section of the Kafka CR
  • Various bug-fixes
  • Dependency upgrades to avoid CVEs
  • Improved system tests and documentation

Note: The Connector operator is now using network policies to make sure it has access to Kafka Connect even when network policies deny all traffic. If you want to use the Connector operator while also using the REST API directly, you should create additional network policies to give access to the REST API to your applications as well.

Full list of changes can be found under the 0.17.0 milestone.

Upgrading from Strimzi 0.16.x

See the documentation for upgrade instructions.

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