artifacthub helm/strimzi/strimzi-kafka-operator 0.11.0

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4 years ago

Main changes:

  • Add support for JBOD storage for Kafka brokers
  • Allow users to configure the default ImagePullPolicy
  • Sample Prometheus alerts
  • More configuration options for off cluster access
    • Configure advertised hosts and ports
    • Configure NodePort numbers
    • Configure hosts OpenShift routes
    • Add additional DNS name for bootstrap service
  • Support for watching all namespaces
  • Operator Lifecycle Manager integration

Full list of changes can be found under the 0.11.0 milestone.

Upgrading from Strimzi 0.10.0

  • Backup the existing Cluster Operator resources
  • Update the Cluster Operator. You will need to modify the installation files according to the namespace the Cluster Operator is running in. For more information, see strimzi documentation.
  • If you modified one or more environment variables in your existing Cluster Operator Deployment, edit
    install/cluster-operator/050-Deployment-cluster-operator.yaml to reflect the changes that you made.
  • When you have an updated configuration you can deploy it along with the rest of the install resources:
kubectl apply -f install/cluster-operator
  • Wait for the associated rolling updates to complete.
  • Update existing resources to cope with deprecated custom resource properties.
    • If you have Kafka resources that specify Kafka.spec.topicOperator, rewrite them to use Kafka.spec.entityOperator.topicOperator instead.

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