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🚀 Features

  • Allow to configure project name and version for Dependecy-Track hook @o1oo11oo (#2062)
  • Automaitcally set Dependency-Track project name and version for images discovered by AWS AutoDiscovery @o1oo11oo (#2062)

🚓 Security Scanner

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Added permission to manager-role ClusterRole to update 'roles' @Ilyesbdlala (#2078)
  • Update CRDs included in helm chart to fix missing definition for ScheduledScan concurrencyPolicy @Ilyesbdlala (#2077)

📚 Documentation

📌 Dependencies

🔧 Maintenance


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Thanks to all our contributors supporting this project 🤗
@Ilyesbdlala, @J12934, @Weltraumschaf and @o1oo11oo

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