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This is the very first release candidate for the upcoming v4 release. All of the features should already be in it but we are still working on some documentation improvements. Any feedback or bugs found are as always very much appreciated 🙌

This release contains breaking changes. The changes are listed in the "💣 Breaking Changes" section below and in the Upgrading from 3.x - 4.x notes.

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🚀 Features

  • Add Cluster Wide Custom Resources (ClusterScanType, ClusterParseDefinition & ClusterScanCompletionHook) @J12934 (#1662): See more in ADR-12
  • Enable Container AutoDiscovery to scan images from private repos @the-simmon (#1374, #1557): See more in ADR-17
  • Allow multiple scanTypes to be used in the Service and Container AutoDiscovery @Ilyesbdlala (#1447)
  • Added new references attribute to the finding format with unified references to CVEs, CWEs and other external references @Ilyesbdlala (#1676)
  • Added optional identified at parameter to findings (for all scanners which include this info in their results) @Ilyesbdlala (#1434)
  • Added new DNS Scanner: Doggo @rseedorff (#1446)

💣 Breaking Changes

You can find detailed upgrade notes on these braking changes in the upgrading documentation: Upgrading from 3.x - 4.x

Note some breaking changes are missing here and are only referenced in the linked upgrading notes.

  • Improve Nmap Parser to handle multiple / ipv6 addresses and verbose output @J12934 (#1679)
  • Allow multiple scanTypes to be used in the Service and Container AutoDiscovery @Ilyesbdlala (#1447)
  • Added optional mitigation attribute to findings @Ilyesbdlala (#1639)
  • Remove AngularCSTI Integration @J12934 (#1649)
  • Renamed Amass to attributes.hostname @Ilyesbdlala (#1605)

🚓 Security Scanner

⚓️ Hooks

🐛 Bug Fixes

📚 Documentation

📌 Dependencies


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Thanks to all our contributors supporting this project 🤗
@Ilyesbdlala, @J12934, @Weltraumschaf, @fphoer, @malexmave, @srburton, @the-simmon and @rseedorff

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