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🚀 Features

  • Helm - Juice Shop - Custom environment variables and application config.yml @fbuchmeier-abi (#944)
  • Update ZAP, ZAP-Advanced, Nikto, and Screenshooter cascading rules to support non-standard HTTP(S) ports @malexmave (#922)
  • Update Nuclei cascading rule to include protocol information and allow alternative HTTP ports @malexmave (#920)
  • Improve Makefiles for generating scanner documentation @Weltraumschaf (#950)

🚓 Security Scanner

🐛 Bug Fixes

📚 Documentation

🔧 Maintenance

📌 Dependencies


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Thanks to all our contributors supporting this project 🤗
@Ilyesbdlala, @J12934, @RamiSouai, @Weltraumschaf, @fbuchmeier-abi, @malexmave, @secureCodeBoxBot and @snyk-bot

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