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⚠️ Upgrade Notes

This update adds new fields to the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), Helm does not update CRDs after the initial installation.
To upgrade the CRDs you can run the following script or grab the latest CRDs from the git repo at the v3.5.0 tag:

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

🚀 Features

  • Introduce scope limiter on cascading rules to enforce scope @EndPositive (#805)
  • Add ability to configure affinity and tolerations for scans and hooks @malexmave (#806)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where nuclei scanner not running correctly without template cache pvc @J12934 (#858)

🚓 Security Scanner

📚 Documentation

🔧 Maintenance


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Thx to all our contributors supporting this project 🤗
@EndPositive, @malexmave, @Ilyesbdlala, @J12934

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