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17 months ago

🎉🎉 Loki 2.2.0 is released!! 🎉🎉

Please read the Upgrade Guide before upgrading for a smooth experience.

Upgrade Guide TL;DR Loki 2.2 changes the internal chunk format which limits what versions you can downgrade to, a change was made in how many queries were allowed to be scheduled per tenant which might affect your max_query_parallelism and max_outstanding_per_tenant settings, and we fixed a mistake related scrape_configs which do not have a pipeline_stages defined. If you have any Promtail scrape_configs which do not specify pipeline_stages you should go read the upgrade notes!

With over 200 PR's 2.2 includes significant features, performance improvements, and bug fixes!

The most upvoted issue for Loki was closed in this release! Issue 74 requesting support for handling multi-line logs in Promtail was implemented in PR 3024. Thanks @jeschkies!

Other exciting news for Promtail, PR 3246 by @cyriltovena introduces support for reading Windows Events!

Switching to Loki, @owen-d has added a write ahead log to Loki! PR 2981 was the first of many as we have spent the last several months using and abusing our write ahead logs to flush out any bugs!

A significant number of the PR's in this release have gone to improving the features introduced in Loki 2.0. @cyriltovena overhauled the JSON parser in PR 3163 (and a few other PR's), to provide both a faster and smarter parsing to only extract JSON content which is used in the query output. The newest Loki squad member @dannykopping fine tuned the JSON parser options in PR 3280 allowing you to specific individual JSON elements, including support now for accessing elements in an array. Many, many other additional improvements have been made, as well as several fixes to the new LogQL features added some months ago, this upgrade should have everyone seeing improvements in their queries.

@cyriltovena also set his PPROF skills loose on the Loki write path which resulted in about 8x less memory usage on our distributors and a much more stable memory usage when ingesters are flushing a lot of chunks at the same time.

There are many other noteworthy additions and fixes, too many to list, but we should call out one more feature all you Google Cloud Platform users might be excited about: in PR 3083 @kavirajk added support to Promtail for listening on Google Pub/Sub topics, letting you setup log sinks for your GCP logs to be ingested by Promtail and sent to Loki!

For a full list of changes, please checkout the CHANGELOG

Thanks to everyone for another exciting Loki release!!


The components of Loki are currently distributed in plain binary form and as Docker container images. Choose what fits your use-case best.

Docker container:

$ docker pull "grafana/loki:2.2.0"
$ docker pull "grafana/promtail:2.2.0"


We provide pre-compiled binary executables for the most common operating systems and architectures.
Choose from the assets below for the application and architecture matching your system.
Example for Loki on the linux operating system and amd64 architecture:

$ curl -O -L ""
# extract the binary
$ unzip ""
# make sure it is executable
$ chmod a+x "loki-linux-amd64"

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