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17 months ago

🎉🎉 Loki 2.0.0 is here!! 🎉🎉

We are extremely excited about the new features in 2.0.0, unlocking a whole new world of observability of our logs.

Thanks again for the many incredible contributions and improvements from the wonderful Loki community, we are very excited for the future!

Important Notes

Please Note There are several changes in this release which require your attention!

  • Anyone using a docker image please go read the upgrade guide!! There is one important consideration around a potentially breaking schema change depending on your configuration.
  • MAJOR changes have been made to the boltdb-shipper index, breaking changes are not expected but extra precautions are highly recommended, more details in the upgrade guide.
  • The long deprecated entry_parser config in Promtail has been removed, use pipeline_stages instead.

Check the upgrade guide for detailed information on all these changes.


There are too many PR's to list individually for the major improvements which we thought justified a 2.0 but here is the high level:

  • Significant enhancements to the LogQL query language!
    • Parse your logs to extract labels at query time.
    • Filter on query time extracted labels.
    • Format your log lines any way you please!
    • Graph the contents of your log lines as metrics, including support for many more of your favorite PromQL functions.
  • Generate prometheus alerts directly from your logs!
    • Create alerts using the same prometheus alert rule syntax and let Loki send alerts directly to your Prometheus Alertmanager!
  • boltdb-shipper is now production ready!
    • This is it! Now Loki only needs a single object store (S3,GCS,Filesystem...) to store all the data, no more Cassandra, DynamoDB or Bigtable!

We are extremely excited about these new features, expect some talks, webinars, and blogs where we explain all this new functionality in detail.

Notable mention

This is a small change but very helpful!

  • 2737 dlemel8: cmd/loki: add "verify-config" flag

Thank you @dlemel8 for this PR! Now you can start Loki with -verify-config to make sure your config is valid and Loki will exit with a status code 0 if it is!

All Changes

For a full list of changes, please checkout the CHANGELOG


The components of Loki are currently distributed in plain binary form and as Docker container images. Choose what fits your use-case best.

Docker container:

$ docker pull "grafana/loki:2.0.0"
$ docker pull "grafana/promtail:2.0.0"


We provide pre-compiled binary executables for the most common operating systems and architectures.
Choose from the assets below for the application and architecture matching your system.
Example for Loki on the linux operating system and amd64 architecture:

$ curl -O -L ""
# extract the binary
$ unzip ""
# make sure it is executable
$ chmod a+x "loki-linux-amd64"

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