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This is a mainline Coder release. We advise enterprise customers without a staging environment to install our latest stable release while we refine this version. Learn more about our Release Schedule.


  • Removed max_ttl from templates (#12644) (@Emyrk)

    Maximum Workspace Lifetime, or MAX_TTL, has been removed from the product in favor of Autostop Requirement. Max Lifetime was designed to automate workspace shutdowns to enable security policy enforcement, enforce routine updates, and reduce idle resource costs.

    If you use Maximum Lifetime in your templates, workspaces will no longer stop at the end of this timer. Instead, we advise migrating to Autostop Requirement.

    Autostop Requirement shares the benefits of MAX_TTL, but also respects user-configured quiet hours to avoid forcing shutdowns while developers are connected.

    We only completely deprecate features after a 2-month heads up in the UI.


Bug fixes


Performance improvements

  • Optimize GetWorkspaceAgentAndLatestBuildByAuthToken query (#12809) (@mafredri)


Compare: v2.9.0...v2.10.0

Container image

  • docker pull


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