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9859af2b Add –workflow flag to kpt fn export
9d264463 Add CircleCI
86129fbb Add Jenkins
bb0f6d1c Add Tekton Pipeline
f8455283 Add Tekton Task
0cf709ca Add fn export examples
88505936 Add fn export subcommand
c25d76e8 Address review comments
dfe0ea7a Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19 in /site
ef25f354 Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19 in /site/themes/docsy/userguide
9bb0a653 Bundle docker client into the kpt image
edc00c04 Change default k8s schema source to be the builtin schema
a02fa103 Doc: add user guides of kpt fn export
0ba95a09 Exclude site regen commits from changelog
8dcfc39b Fix a doc formatting issue for kpt live apply
e20b22cd Fix all markdownlint issues
b30ab18c Guide command must have exactly one argument
28c3a7d0 Inline multiple kpt functions in quickstart
c87afd64 Set kpt version for binary built with docker
5f1a1951 Set proper Kptfile name when running init in current dir
4a2b181a Split quickstart into smaller steps
bf49be9c Support exporting CircleCI pipelines
fa9abdf8 Support exporting Jenkinsfiles
a13e15c3 Support exporting Tekton pipelines
8ded6900 Update
80d7363e Update contributing guide for making docs changes
57101b34 Update download link to point to github release page
7d037009 Update kpt image
da410e89 Update kyaml version
fd064b6d Update versions for cli-utils, kyaml and cmd/config
415b02bd remove gif from repo
4ae89e29 update homebrew to version 0.31.0
ce944207 updated docs: make docs

18 days ago