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Release v1.32.11
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Release v1.32.11 (2020-06-26)

Service Client Updates

  • service/cloudformation: Updates service API and documentation
    • ListStackInstances and DescribeStackInstance now return a new StackInstanceStatus object that contains DetailedStatus values: a disambiguation of the more generic Status value. ListStackInstances output can now be filtered on DetailedStatus using the new Filters parameter.
  • service/cognito-idp: Updates service API
  • service/dms: Updates service documentation
    • This release contains miscellaneous API documentation updates for AWS DMS in response to several customer reported issues.
  • service/quicksight: Updates service API and documentation
    • Added support for cross-region DataSource credentials copying.
  • service/sagemaker: Updates service API and documentation
    • The new ‘ModelClientConfig’ parameter being added for CreateTransformJob and DescribeTransformJob api actions enable customers to configure model invocation related parameters such as timeout and retry.
7 days ago