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Release v1.32.1
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Release v1.32.1 (2020-06-12)

Service Client Updates

  • service/apigateway: Updates service documentation
    • Documentation updates for Amazon API Gateway
  • service/cloudformation: Updates service documentation
    • The following parameters now return the organization root ID or organizational unit (OU) IDs that you specified for DeploymentTargets: the OrganizationalUnitIds parameter on StackSet and the OrganizationalUnitId parameter on StackInstance, StackInstanceSummary, and StackSetOperationResultSummary
  • service/glue: Updates service API and documentation
    • You can now choose to crawl the entire table or just a sample of records in DynamoDB when using AWS Glue crawlers. Additionally, you can also specify a scanning rate for crawling DynamoDB tables.
  • service/storagegateway: Updates service API and documentation
    • Display EndpointType in DescribeGatewayInformation
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