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Release v1.31.10 (2020-06-03)

Service Client Updates

  • service/directconnect: Updates service API and documentation
    • This release supports the virtual interface failover test, which allows you to verify that traffic routes over redundant virtual interfaces when you bring your primary virtual interface out of service.
  • service/elasticache: Updates service API and documentation
    • This release improves the Multi-AZ feature in ElastiCache by adding a separate flag and proper validations.
  • service/es: Updates service API, documentation, and paginators
    • Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers support for cross-cluster search, enabling you to perform searches, aggregations, and visualizations across multiple Amazon Elasticsearch Service domains with a single query or from a single Kibana interface. New feature includes the ability to setup connection, required to perform cross-cluster search, between domains using an approval workflow.
  • service/glue: Updates service API and documentation
    • Adding databaseName in the response for GetUserDefinedFunctions() API.
  • service/iam: Updates service API and documentation
    • GenerateServiceLastAccessedDetails will now return ActionLastAccessed details for certain S3 control plane actions
  • service/mediaconvert: Updates service API and documentation
    • AWS Elemental MediaConvert SDK has added support for the encoding of VP8 or VP9 video in WebM container with Vorbis or Opus audio.
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