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Non-Google Changes

  • Initialise static variables required for isViablePhoneNumber (#175 - Thanks @OlaviSau)

Google v8.4.1 changes: Apr 11, 2017

Code changes:
  • Changing isPossibleWithReason to return the enums INVALID_LENGTH and
    IS_POSSIBLE_LOCAL_ONLY, where these apply. isPossibleNumber continues to
    consider IS_POSSIBLE or IS_POSSIBLE_LOCAL_ONLY numbers as possible to dial.
Metadata changes:
  • Updated phone metadata for region code(s):
    AF, AL, CI, CL, DE, HT, IL, MP, VN
  • Updated short number metadata for region code(s): CZ, DE
  • Updated geocoding data for country calling code(s): 84 (en, vi)
  • Updated carrier data for country calling code(s):
    84 (en), 93 (en), 225 (en), 509 (en), 972 (en)
  • Updated / refreshed time zone meta data.
3 years ago