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Add missing Google functionality

Google v8.4.0 changes: Mar 28, 2017

Code changes:
  • Doc changes to update references to ISO country codes to CLDR region codes,
    which are what we actually use. Notice in some of the mapper files the
    country code is still the ISO one, because it’s used as part of a description
    of a language only (e.g. zh-TW vs zh-CN). Edited the language comments there
    since they can be two or three letters (c.f. fil for filipino).
  • New API methods: isPossibleNumberForType and
    isPossibleNumberForTypeWithReason, along with getSupportedTypesForRegion and
    getSupportedTypesForNonGeoEntity. These allow you to query which types (e.g.
    Mobile) exist for a particular region, and work out if a number is possible
    for that type (this is a simple length check) rather than for the region as a
Metadata changes:
  • Updated phone metadata for region code(s): BF, FJ, GB, HK, HT, IN, RO
  • Updated short number metadata for region code(s): BR, IN, RO, TR
  • Updated geocoding data for country calling code(s): 82 (hi, iw, tr)
  • Updated carrier data for country calling code(s):
    226 (en), 509 (en), 593 (en), 679 (en)
3 years ago