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Google v7.7.4 changes

Nov 09, 2016: v7.7.4
Code changes:
  • Using new possibleLengthInfo to decide whether a short number is the right
    length or not. This could result in more specific results; whereas before, a
    number from length 3 to length 6 may have been deemed possible, now we may
    exclude a number of length 5.
  • Add hash (#) as a diallable character. Numbers with # in them will no longer
    have formatting applied in formatInOriginalFormat, and
    normalizeDiallableCharsOnly now retains the # symbol.
  • getExampleNumberForNonGeoEntity has been changed to look at the specific
    number types, not just the generalDesc, for the example numbers.
Metadata changes:
  • Updated phone metadata for region code(s): AD, AE, IN, IR, MU, MV, NG, PG
  • Updated short number metadata for region code(s): NL, SN
  • New geocoding data for country calling code(s):
    960 (en), 1249 (en), 1343 (en), 1579 (en), 1581 (en)
  • Updated geocoding data for country calling code(s):
    1782 (en), 1867 (en), 1902 (en)
  • Updated carrier data for country calling code(s):
    91 (en), 234 (en), 971 (en)
3 years ago