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Note: Google quickly released 7.2.1 after 7.2.0 due to a packaging issue. As a result, we have skipped that version to ensure consistency.

Google v7.2.0 changes

Nov 10, 2015: libphonenumber-7.2.0

Metadata changes:

  • Updated phone metadata for region code(s):
    BI, BT, IL, MN, MO, NP, RU, SK, VG
  • Updated short number metadata for region code(s): BT, DK
  • New geocoding data for country calling code(s): 972 (en), 975 (en)
  • New carrier data for country calling code(s): 853 (en)
  • Updated carrier data for country calling code(s):
    45 (en), 257 (en), 421 (en), 964 (en), 972 (en), 975 (en), 976 (en)
  • Updated / refreshed time zone meta data.

Non-Google Changes

PHP 7 Support

We now patch Google’s data to fix incompatibilities with the Regex and PHP7’s version of PCRE.

PHP 7 has been moved from the allowed failure list in Travis to being required.

4 years ago