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Most recent changes from Google:

Sep 20, 2013: libphonenumber-5.8.4
  • Metadata changes:
    • Adding a token to indicate which countries have mobile portability.
Sep 20, 2013: libphonenumber-5.8.3
  • Code changes:
    • PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder: Moved utility functionality to PrefixFileReader.
    • Bug fix: Argentinian (and other countries with mobile tokens) mobile numbers now geocode
Sep 19, 2013: libphonenumber-5.8.2
  • Code changes:
    • New method in the PhoneNumberUtil API - getCountryMobileToken.
Sep 19, 2013: libphonenumber-5.8.1
  • Metadata changes:
    • New alternate formatting data for country calling code(s): 675
    • Updated phone metadata for region code(s):
      AO, AU, BF, BW, CA, CH, CI, CN, DE, FR, MA, MR, MU, NI, PG, SA, SE, US, VI
    • New short number metadata for region code(s): IQ
    • Updated short number metadata for region code(s):
      AU, BR, DO, EG, FR, GH, ID, IL, JM, KE, KZ, LR, MW, NG, NI, SA, SE, SL, TZ, US, UZ
    • New geocoding data for country calling code(s):
      966 (ar, en), 1 (en)
6 years ago