packagist giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php 5.8
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  • Code changes:
    • Renamed ShortNumberUtil to ShortNumberInfo -> the former class is now deprecated and will be
      deleted in a later release. At the moment it just delegates to ShortNumberInfo.
    • New methods in the ShortNumberInfo API - isCarrierSpecific, singleton interface,
      isPossibleShortNumber, isValidShortNumber, getShortNumberCost. Note this is an experimental API
      at the moment and subject to change.
    • Bug fixes:
    • Numbers in Chile that overlap with emergency numbers are no longer marked as connecting to
    • Not requiring the NDC to be alone for countries where there is no national prefix in strict
      grouping when extracting phone numbers
  • Metadata changes:
    • New alternate formatting data for country calling code(s):
      30, 31, 385, 58, 62, 63, 971, 972
    • Updated alternate formatting data for country calling code(s): 43, 44, 49
    • Moved emergency phone number data to the ShortNumberMetadata file
    • Updated phone metadata for region code(s):
      AT, EG, ML, NC, NL, SA
    • New short number metadata for region code(s):
      AR, CL, CO, ES, MX, NC
    • Emergency metadata fixes for region code(s):
      GA, JM, MH, VE
6 years ago