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Multiple change in this version mostly related to the profile feature.
You can now configure the same profile with multiple different triggers like the content of the program window, if Steam Big Picture is in the foreground.

Moreover, I’ve added a basic notification system for it that uses the banner, you’ll be notified when the profile is triggered. And you can set the communication device in the profile.

And last but not least, you can now edit a profile directly. The UI has been completely revamped, I hope it makes it more accessible.

For the devs out there, issue with detection of the .NET Core framework have been fixed


v5.5.0 (2020-07-28)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • ui window position when starting from task bar.. #484
  • Notifications on profile activation #483
  • Reconnected devices and profiles #482
  • Make the installer update silent when using the changelog view #480
  • Integrate an option to automatic switch the sound device when Steam Big Picture ist running #478
  • Better support for MultiScreen: Banner displayed on active screen #475
  • [Enhancements] Profile editing #431
  • Default Communication Device support #348
  • Add feature: Switch only communications device #252

Fixed bugs:

  • Installer cannot detect correctly version of .NET Core runtime when installed with the SDK #486
  • Crash when trying to display the tooltip of the playback device #481
  • Installation crashes at .NET Core 3.1.4 since Update from Microsoft #479
  • Installer Offers To Install Older Desktop Runtime #474
  • HDMI sound device is not switched to using the hotkey #466

Closed issues:

  • SoundSwitch crash when switching profile with a device that isn’t active at time #485
  • SounSwitch crashes after launch in Windows 7 x64 #477
  • Crash at startup when soundswitch is installed on multiple users on Windows 10 #476

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