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Goodbye Parse

This is the release that breaks with Parse. From now on, all URLs, i.e. also the old URLs (/#/abcdef/3) are served via the astexplorer express app (665bfc410544a0830a1630b20b88899a5f0cfe70 and beb4cc0a15e330300c2fe07ebb30de50ff3ba71b).

Thank you @ParsePlatform for getting astexplorer off the ground!

Other changes

  • @lahmatiy added CSSTree as parser (87bc4f879b8882399517a09420ad5cd9f63ffabf)
  • @Turbo87 added an additional transformer for Handlebars/glimmer (1f0d357278b9ad24a69d88020780bdcf4f81671e)
  • @mroch updated flow to v0.38 (ab0ecf152463163afc258d28351cf1f397b73536)
  • The “Save” button is now also enabled
    • if no snippet is loaded and no changes have been made to the cached or default content
    • if a snippet is loaded and the parser was changed
3 years ago