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New: Code completion for jscodeshift

We now have rudimentary support for code completion for the following APIs, thanks to Tern.

  • Type definitions (j.Literal)
  • Builders (j.literal)
  • Some NodePath methods (recast)
  • AST node field completion (if Tern can determine the type of the AST node)
  • jscodeshift’s core API


  • CTRL + Space: Show code completion
  • CTRL + I (capital i): Show signature / definition / description

The API definition file is partially auto-generated. The manual part of it (which defines the methods for recast, ast-types and jscodeshift’s core API) is still missing some descriptions and methods, if anybody wants to help out :)

The integration with Tern is a bit hacky, but in the long run I hope we can provide similar support for other transformers.

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4 years ago