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Release v0.18.0
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Go Version

  • 1.14.4: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • Monitoring route “/streaming/isFTActive” to evaluate if a server is running as the FT active server or not. Thanks to @mharr22 for the contribution (#1024)
  • Reload signal now accepted for embedded NATS Server. Thanks to @costa for the suggestion (#1031)


  • etcd/bbolt version dependency to fix unsafe pointer conversion found by Go 1.14 (#1052)
  • Raft library updated to v1.1.2. Thanks to @pengux for the contribution (#1056)
  • Other dependencies (#1066)


  • Windows Service: create the syslog only if explicitly set or if no log file has been specified (#1025)
  • Add filename to “unable to verify file version” error message on server startup. Thanks to @encee for the report (#1035)
  • Re-open file log signal suppresses NATS debug/trace in some cases. Thanks to @yadvlz for the report (#1053)
  • Messages could be sent to a subscription that has just been closed (#1059)
  • Message redelivery was stopped in case of an error during a store lookup. Thanks to @wisni for the contribution/report (#1061)

Complete Changes…v0.18.0

12 days ago