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This release adds 31 rules for TypeScript which were available for JavaScript:

  • Rule S1119: Labels should not be used
  • Rule S128: Switch cases should end with an unconditional “break” statement
  • Rule S1529: Bitwise operators should not be used in boolean contexts
  • Rule S134: Control flow statements “if”, “for”, “while”, “switch” and “try” should not be nested too deeply
  • Rule S3973: A conditionally executed single line should be denoted by indentation
  • Rule S2392: Variables should be used in the blocks where they are declared
  • Rule S3524: Braces and parentheses should be used consistently with arrow functions
  • Rule S3317: Default export names and file names should match
  • Rule S3499: Shorthand object properties should be grouped at the beginning or end of an object declaration
  • Rule S3514: Destructuring syntax should be used for assignments
  • Rule S3513: “arguments” should not be accessed directly
  • Rule S2310: Loop counters should not be assigned to from within the loop body
  • Rule S2692: “indexOf” checks should not be for positive numbers
  • Rule S1994: “for” loop increment clauses should modify the loops’ counters
  • Rule S2137: Special identifiers should not be bound or assigned
  • Rule S1515: Functions should not be defined inside loops
  • Rule S2427: The base should be provided to “parseInt”
  • Rule S2208: Wildcard imports should not be used
  • Rule S888: Equality operators should not be used in “for” loop termination conditions
  • Rule S1530: Function declarations should not be made within blocks
  • Rule S1848: Objects should not be created to be dropped immediately without being used
  • Rule S1539: “strict” mode should be used with caution
  • Rule S1128: Unnecessary imports should be removed
  • Rule S1472: Function call arguments should not start on new lines
  • Rule S1219: “switch” statements should not contain non-case labels
  • Rule S100: Function and method names should comply with a naming convention
  • Rule S124: Track comments matching a regular expression
  • Rule S1134: Track uses of “FIXME” tags
  • Rule S1067: Expressions should not be too complex
  • Rule S1135: Track uses of “TODO” tags
  • Rule S126: “if … else if” constructs should end with “else” clauses

Finally, this version may also significantly reduce the analysis time for big projects.

We hope you will like this new version.

6 months ago