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We are opening the feedback period for SonarJS 4.0.

You can find the details of this release in this milestone:

This version is updated to support the new SonarQube LTS version 6.7 (#837). Thus SonarJS 4.0 is not compatible anymore with SQ <6.7. Moreover, the previously deprecated coverage import configuration properties are now removed (#839).

We also improved and tuned many rules (fixes false positives, false negatives etc) to get them to the level of accuracy required to belong to the default Sonar Way profile, which, as a result, is now much richer.

The feedback period will last until Monday (December 18). Do not hesitate to leave any feedback: just create an issue –>

Many thanks to @NilSet for reporting and fixing #828!

To test use the jar attached to this prerelease.

Introducing SonarJS-CLI 📺

SonarJS 4.0 is also embedded in the beta of the command-line version of SonarJS, which we just published to npm.

This version of SonarJS can output the results of SonarJS directly in the console or as an object (when used as a library).

You can install it with npm install sonarjs (or globally, or as a development dependency, as you need).

Check the npm page for more information :
For any feedback, as usual, just create an issue –> and label it sonarjs-cli

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