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SonarJS 3.0 "Kill The Noise" RC1
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We are glad to finally go for the release of the new major version of SonarJS: 3.0.

The main goal of this version was to increase the value of the analyzer by reducing the noise it makes, so in release notes you can see plenty of false-positives fixed as well as rule and engine improvements.

Moreover the default rule profile “Sonar way” was changed to retain only those rules that are useful for the largest possible number of JS developers. To complement the now minimalist “Sonar way” profile we created a new predefined profile “Sonar way Recommended” which will help you to maintain your JavaScript projects on the long term.

Finally, we took the opportunity of releasing a major version to update the custom rules API (see docs).

Release notes:

Release Candidate:

Any feedback is highly welcome as usual!

Feedback period is open until Wednesday April 26.

P.S. FYI since next version we will start tracking issues on GitHub, so don’t hesitate if you find some bug or have a good idea for a new feature!

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