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Major updates


  • Introduced TransformNode class as a parent of AbstractMesh. This class was extensively asked by the community to hold only tranformation for a node (deltakosh)
  • Collider object is now exposed on meshes. It can be used to get precise information about mesh to mesh collisions (used with mesh.moveWithCollisions function) (deltakosh)
  • Added boundingInfo.centerOn to recreate the bounding info to be centered around a specific point given a specific extend (deltakosh)
  • Added mesh.normalizeToUnitCube to uniformly scales the mesh to fit inside of a unit cube (1 X 1 X 1 units) (deltakosh)
  • Added scene.onDataLoadedObservable which is raised when SceneLoader.Append or SceneLoader.Load or SceneLoader.ImportMesh were successfully executed (deltakosh)
  • Support for adaptiveKernelBlur on MirrorTexture (deltakosh)
  • Support for non uniform scaling. Normals are now correctly computed (deltakosh)
  • Added MultiObserver. Documentation (deltakosh)
  • Added shadowGenerator.addShadowCaster and shadowGenerator.removeShadowCaster helper functions (deltakosh)
  • Several inspector improvements (temechon)
  • New observables for actions: onBeforeExecuteObservable for all actions and onInterpolationDoneObservable for InterpolateValueAction (deltakosh)
  • New observables for gamepads: onButtonDownObservable, onButtonUpObservable, onPadDownObservable, onPadUpObservable (deltakosh)
  • New camera.storeState() and camera.restoreState() functions to store / restore cameras position / rotation / fov. Documentation (deltakosh)
  • POW2 textures rescale is now done by shaders (It was previously done using canvas) (deltakosh)
  • Added SceneLoader.CleanBoneMatrixWeights to force the loader to normalize matrix weights when loading bones (off by default) (deltakosh)
  • Added camera.onViewMatrixChangedObservable and camera.onProjectionMatrixChangedObservable (deltakosh)
  • Added support for folders when drag’n’dropping into the sandbox (deltakosh)
  • Better serialization support (deltakosh)
  • Introduced performanceMonitor class to get better FPS analysis (deltakosh)
  • GUI: Added support for pointer move events on projected UI (deltakosh)
  • Normals are generated automatically by StandardMaterial if meshes do not have normals (deltakosh)
  • Added mesh.onMaterialChangedObservable to notify when a new material is set (deltakosh)
  • Improved the SPS perfs for dead or invisible solid particles (jerome)
  • Added enableDepthSort parameter to the SPS in order to sort the particles from the camera position (jerome)
  • Added pivot property to the SPS solid particles (jerome)
  • Added the mesh facet depth sort to FacetData (jerome)
  • Added LineSystem and LineMesh per point colors (jerome)
  • Added AdvancedDynamicTexture.renderScale to allow users to render at higher DPI (deltakosh)
  • WaterMaterial works on VR (RaananW)
  • Playground has an optional createEngine function to replace the default engine. Example (RaananW)
  • Error handling in the Assets Manager was revamped and now also includes a message and an exception (if provided). Documentation (RaananW)
  • Asset Task has a state (INIT, RUNNING, DONE and ERROR). Documentation (RaananW)
  • Added new options to the physics impostor constructor - ignoreParent and diableBidirectionalTransformation. Documentation (RaananW)
  • It is now possible to define which loader to use when loading assets using the SceneLoader. Commit (RaananW)
  • Added scope option to Observerable (adam)
  • Added shadowBlur, shadowOffsetX, shadowOffsetY, shadowColor to GUI Controls (adam)
  • Added alignWithNormal to AbstractMesh (adam)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with ellipsoid offset not being taking in account on cameras (deltakosh)
  • Fixed a bug with ellipsoid offset badly taking in account on meshes (deltakosh)
  • Fixed a bug with PBR on iOS (sebavan)
  • MTLLoader didn’t parse values correctly (RaananW)
  • Fixed an error with child positions of parents in the physics engine (RaananW)
  • Fixed a bug with error while executing onSuccess callbacks in the Assets manager. (RaananW)
  • Fixed a bug with the Heightmap impostor when the heightmap is scaled or rotated. Commit (RaananW)
  • Fixed an error with deterministic step. (RaananW)
  • Fixed a bug with controller jitter when in VR. (RaananW)
  • Fixed a bug with impostor jitter when in VR. (RaananW)
  • Fixed a bug with GUI Slider not working correctly when rotated (adam)
  • Fixed IE11 “spacebar” bug with GUI InputText (adam)

Breaking changes

  • Gamepads was removed in favor of scene.gamepadManager
  • DynamicFloatArray, MapTexture and RectPakingMap were removed because there were not used anymore
  • IAssetTask was removed in favor of AbstractAssetTask class
  • WebVR 1.0 support removed.
  • BABYLON.MathTools.Scalar was moved to BABYLON.Scalar
2 years ago