github BabylonJS/Babylon.js v1.9.0
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  • Major updates
    • Beta support for scene serialization with BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize function (deltakosh)
    • Blender exporter now supports 32 bits indices (deltakosh)
    • Flat shading support (From Blender and with `mesh.convertToFlatShadedMesh()) (deltakosh)
  • Updates
    • New mesh.rotate and mesh.translate functions to rotate and translate mesh both locally and globally (deltakosh)
    • New feature for particles: ParticleSystem.forceDepthWrite (deltakosh)
    • Adding a new parameter to pick in order to be able to pick even on multi views (deltakosh)
    • New mesh.lookAt function (professorF)
    • New postprocess system (independent from cameras) (michael-korbas)
    • New mesh.setAbsolutePosition function (gwenael-hagenmuller)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixing issue with mesh.infiniteDistance (deltakosh)
    • Fixing issue with camera caches (deltakosh)
    • Fixing issue with aspect ratio (deltakosh)
    • Fixing arcRotateCamera angle limitations (deltakosh)
    • Fixing a bug with multi-views: depth buffer was not clear between different passes (deltakosh)
6 years ago