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  • Major updates
    • Visual Studio 2013 templates for Windows 8.1 and nuget packages (pierlag)
  • Updates
    • New matrix.multiply function (up to 50% faster) (deltakosh)
    • New matrices cache system for camera (view and projection matrices) (juliengobin)
    • New physics impostor: compound and mesh (still really slow) (deltakosh)
    • Set crossOrigin flag for support CORS (vbouzon)
    • XNA importer: Changes for Right-Left Coordinate Systems & Prefixed Mesh Parts with Mesh Name (professorF)
    • Fixing getPivotMatrix (gwenael-hagenmuller)
    • New geometry functions: getLocalTranslation, setPositionWithLocalVector, getPositionExpressedInLocalSpace,locallyTranslate (gwenael-hagenmuller)
    • Adding multi mesh import from same file(nicolas-obre)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixing issue when disposing a parent and not its children (deltakosh)
    • Fixing .obj importer (deltakosh)
    • Added guardband checks for impostors’ size (deltakosh)
6 years ago