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  • Major features
    • Bones support (deltakosh). Bones and animated bones are now supported. They can cast shadows. Bones can be exported from Blender or from FBX
    • Offline support (davrous). You can specify to offline assets (scene and textures) to a local IndexedDB. Assets are then loaded once until you change the version on a server-side manifest
    • N-Level octrees (deltakosh):
  • Updates
    • Adding dispose() function and a disposeWhenFinishedAnimating property to sprites (Cyle)
    • Adding a applyTransform() function to meshes in order to bake a specific transformation into vertices (deltakosh)
    • Adding setPivotMatrix() and getPivotMatrix() to meshes to define pivot matrix (deltakosh)
    • Mesh.CreateCylinder now takes two diameters as parameters to be able to create cone (deltakosh)
    • New material.Clone function (deltakosh)
  • Bugfixes
    • scene.IsReady() is more robust now and can be used to detect when the scene is EFFECTIVELY ready :) (deltakosh)
    • Fixing animations timing. Animations should be in sync now (deltakosh)
    • Fixing a bug with orthographic camera (deltakosh)
    • Fixing a bug with attachControl() function (deltakosh)
    • Fixing a bug with scene.pick() function (deltakosh)
6 years ago