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  • Major updates
    • New VRDeviceOrientionCamera for cardboard like systems (demonixis)
    • New WebVRCamera for WebVR compatible systems (demonixis)
    • All shaders now use high precision profile to address iOS8 compatibility (deltakosh)
    • New camera: BABYLON.FollowCamera used to smoothly follow a given target abogartz
    • New BABYLON.AssetsManager used to handle assets loading alongside loading screen display (deltakosh)
    • New Engine.displayLoadingUI(), Engine.hideLoadingUI(), Engine.loadingUiText. See more here (deltakosh)
    • New cache engine (Based on state objects) (deltakosh)
    • Fresnel support for diffuse, emissive, opacity and reflection on StandardMaterial. See demo here and wiki here (deltakosh)
    • TypeScript declaration file is now available (deltakosh)
    • Binary file format supported. You can use online converter here (r2d2Proton)
  • Updates
    • New mesh.updateVerticesDataDirectly(kind, float32array) to update mesh data directly (deltakosh)
    • Sandbox & IndexedDB layer are now supporting TGA & DDS textures (davrous)
    • Integrating lights animations, cameras type and animations for Blender exporter (Palmer-JC)
    • New “Get zip” option for CYOS (deltakosh)
    • Add pinch and zoom for iOS and Android on ArcRotateCamera (Eucly2)
    • New camera.projectToScreen() function to transform a vector3 into a screen pixel (deltakosh)
    • New effect parameter to define custom shader for BABYLON.ParticleSystem constructor. See demo here and wiki here (deltakosh)
    • Added toEulerAnglesToRef and CopyFromFloats to Quaternion (Demonixis)
    • Added function to calculate the inverse of a quaternion (Daner)
    • New StandardMaterial.useSpecularOverAlpha to define if you want specular to appear even on top of transparent surfaces (deltakosh)
    • New SceneLoader.Append function to append a babylon.js file to an existing scene (Palmer-JC)
    • New LinesMesh.alpha property (deltakosh)
    • Adding instances exportation support for 3DSMax exporter (deltakosh)
    • New Mesh.applyDisplacementMap and Mesh.applyDisplacementMapFromBuffer (deltakosh)
    • New Mesh.renderOutline property to render outlines around a mesh (used with Mesh.outlineColor and Mesh.outlineWidth) (deltakosh)
    • New Light.includedOnlyMeshes array to define explicitely which mesh is affected by a light (deltakosh)
    • Added multiply and divide functions to Vector2 (daner)
    • New feature demo for custom render target texture (deltakosh)
    • RenderTargetTexture can now specify a camera to use (deltakosh)
  • Updates
    • Fixing tons of bugs with PostProcessRenderPipeline. Wiki updated. (deltakosh)
latest releases: 4.2.0-alpha.32, 4.2.0-alpha.29, 4.2.0-alpha.28...
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