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Major updates


  • Fixed ray creation when the devicePixelRatio is not equals to 1 (demonixis)
  • New mesh.registerAfterRender and mesh.unregisterAfterRender functions (deltakosh)
  • New fragmentElement parameter to define custom shader for BABYLON.ParticleSystem constructor (deltakosh)
  • New OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp triggers. See actions wiki for more info (deltakosh)
  • ArcRotateCamera can now check collisions wiki (deltakosh)
  • New Engine.Version property which returns a string with the current version (deltakosh)
  • New “Export and Run” feature for Max2Babylon (deltakosh)
  • Animations delta time is now capped between Scene.MinDeltaTime and Scene.MaxDeltaTime (deltakosh)
  • Non-squared DDS are now supported (deltakosh)
  • New triggers: BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger, BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionExitTrigger. Documentation updated (deltakosh)
  • New mesh type: BABYLON.LinesMesh. You can find a demo here (deltakosh)
  • New mesh.moveWithCollisions function. Used with mesh.ellipsoid and “‘mesh.ellipsoidOffset”`, this function can be used to move a mesh and use an ellipsoid around it to check collisions (deltakosh)
  • New feature demo: How to do drag’n’drop (deltakosh)
  • New BABYLON.PickingInfo.getTextureCoordinates() function (deltakosh)
  • New BABYLON.Scene.cameraToUseForPointers property that defines this parameter if you are using multiple cameras and you want to specify which one should be used for pointer position (deltakosh)
  • BABYLON.OculusOrientedCamera was replaced by BABYLON.OculusCamera for better integration into camera system (deltakosh)
  • New Mesh.CreateTiledGround() function (kostar111)
  • Shadow Poisson Sampling (clementlevasseur)


  • Fixing a bug when instances are used with a mesh with submeshes.length > 1 (deltakosh)
  • CreateCylinder() : add subdivisions parameter and fix normals bug (kostar111)
6 years ago