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  • Major updates
    • New option for mesh: mesh.showBoundingBox to display mesh’s bounding box. You can configure back and front color using scene.getBoundingBoxRenderer(). This function returns a BABYLON.BoundingBoxRenderer where you can define backColor, frontColor and showBackLines (deltakosh)
    • New basic mesh: BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTorusKnot (deltakosh)
    • New BABYLON.AnaglyphArcRotateCamera and BABYLON.AnaglyphFreeCamera (michael-korbas), (deltakosh)
    • Tags system (gwenael-hagenmuller)
    • New render pipeline system for post-processes. See documentation here (michael-korbas)
  • Updates
    • Added parameters to enable or disable a type of texture on all BABYLON.StandardMaterial (demonixis)
    • New BABYLON.VertexData.ExtractFromMesh function (deltakosh)
    • Cameras can now have sub-cameras (see BABYLON.AnaglyphArcRotateCamera for example) (deltakosh)
    • New BABYLON.Engine.runEvenInBackground property. True by default. It allows you to stop rendering when the browser is not the foreground application. (deltakosh)
    • Darkness of a shadow + shadow on transparent meshes (clementlevasseur)
    • New event for materials: onCompiled and onError (deltakosh)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug with collisions cache
    • Fixed a bug with mesh.dispose when called twice (deltakosh)
    • Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer while rendering a RenderTargetTexture outside the engine renderLoop (nicolas-obre)
  • New demos
6 years ago