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Ambassador 1.6.2
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🎉 Ambassador 1.6.2 🎉

Ambassador is an open source, Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway built on the Envoy Proxy.

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Ambassador API Gateway + Ambassador Edge Stack

  • Bugfix: The (new in 1.6.0) Host.spec.tls and Host.spec.tlsContext fields now work when AMBASSADOR_FAST_VALIDATION=fast is not set.
  • Bugfix: Setting use_websocket: true on a Mapping now only affects routes generated from that Mapping, instead of affecting all routes on that port.
  • Feature: It is now possible to “upgrade” to non-HTTP protocols other than WebSocket; the new allow_upgrade is a generalization of use_websocket.

Ambassador Edge Stack only

  • Bugfix: The Host.spec.requestPolicy.insecure.additionalPort field works again.
  • Bugfix: The Host.spec.ambassadorId is once again handled in addition to .ambassador_id; allowing hosts written by older versions AES prior to 1.6.0 to continue working.
  • Bugfix: Fix a redirect loop that could occur when using using multiple protectedOrigins in a Host.
10 days ago