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Ambassador 1.5.2
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🎉 Ambassador 1.5.2 🎉

Ambassador is an open source, Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway built on the Envoy Proxy.

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Ambassador API Gateway + Ambassador Edge Stack

  • Incorporate the Envoy 1.14.2 security update.
  • Upgrade the base Docker images used by several tests (thanks, Daniel Sutton!).

Ambassador Edge Stack only

  • Feature: (BETA) Added an in-cluster micro CI/CD system to enable building, staging, and publishing of GitHub projects from source. This has been included in previous versions as an alpha, but disabled by default. It is now in BETA.
  • Bugfix: The DEVPORTAL_CONTENT_URL environment variable now properly handles file:/// URLs to refer to volume-mounted content.
  • Bugfix: acmeProvider.authority: none is no longer case sensitive
  • Bugfix: edgectl connect works again on Ubuntu and other Linux setups with old versions of nss-mdns (older than version 0.11)
  • Bugfix: edgectl works again on Windows
  • Bugfix: The Edge Policy Console now correctly creates FilterPolicy resources
2 months ago