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🎉 Ambassador 1.5.0 🎉

Ambassador is an open source, Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway built on the Envoy Proxy.

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Ambassador API Gateway + Ambassador Edge Stack

  • Switched from back to DockerHub as our primary publication point. If you are using your own Kubernetes manifests, you will have to update them! Datawire’s Helm charts and published YAML have already been updated.
  • Feature: switch to Envoy 1.14.1
  • Feature: Allow defaults for add_request_header, remove_request_header, add_response_header, and remove_response_header
  • Feature: Inform Knative of the route to the Ambassador service if available (thanks, Noah Fontes!)
  • Feature: Support the path and timeout options of the Knative ingress path rules (thanks, Noah Fontes!)
  • Feature: Allow preserving X-Request-ID on requests from external clients (thanks, Prakhar Joshi!)
  • Feature: Mappings now support query parameters (thanks, Phil Peble!)
  • Feature: Allow setting the Envoy shared-memory base ID (thanks, Phil Peble!)
  • Feature: Additional security configurations not set on default YAMLs
  • Feature: Let Ambassador configure regex_rewrite for advanced forwarding
  • Bugfix: Only update Knative ingress CRDs when the generation changes (thanks, Noah Fontes!)
  • Bugfix: Now behaves properly when AMBASSADOR_SINGLE_NAMESPACE is set to an empty string; rather than getting in to a weird in-between state
  • Bugfix: The websocket library used by the test suite has been upgraded to incorporate security fixes (thanks, Andrew Allbright!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed evaluation of label selectors causing the wrong IP to be put in to Ingress resource statuses
  • Bugfix: The watt (port 8002) and ambex (port 8003) components now bind to localhost instead of, so they are no longer erroneously available from outside the Pod

Ambassador Edge Stack only

  • Feature: edgectl upgrade allows upgrading API Gateway installations to AES
  • Feature: edgectl intercept can generate preview-urls for Host resources that enabled the feature
  • Feature: edgectl install will now automatically install the Service Preview components (ambassador-injector, telepresence-proxy) and scoped RBAC
  • Feature: Rate-limited 429 responses now include the Retry-After header
  • Feature: The JWT Filter now makes hasKey and doNotSet functions available to header field templates; in order to facilitate only conditionally setting a header field.
  • Feature: The OAuth2 Filter now has an expirationSafetyMargin setting that will cause an access token to be treated as expired sooner, in order to have a safety margin of time to send it to the upstream Resource Server that grants insufficient leeway.
  • Feature: The JWT Filter now has leewayFor{ExpiresAt,IssuedAt,NotBefore} settings for configuring leeway when validating the timestamps of a token.
  • Feature: The environment variables REDIS{,_PERSECOND}_{USERNAME,PASSWORD,TLS_ENABLED,TLS_INSECURE} may now be used to further configure how the Ambassador Edge Stack communicates with Redis.
  • Bugfix: Don’t start the dev portal running if POLL_EVERY_SECS is 0
  • Bugfix: Now no longer needs cluster-wide RBAC when running with AMBASSADOR_SINGLE_NAMESPACE.
  • Bugfix: The OAuth2 Filter now validates the reported-to-Client scope of an Access Token even if a separate accessTokenJWTFilter is configured.
  • Bugfix: The OAuth2 Filter now sends the user back to the identity provider to upgrade the scope if they request an endpoint that requires broader scope than initially requested; instead of erroring.
  • Bugfix: The OAuth2 Filter will no longer send RFC 7235 challenges back to the user agent if it would not accept RFC 7235 credentials (previously it only avoided sending HTTP 401 challenges, but still sent 400 or 403 challenges).
  • Bugfix: The amb-sidecar (port 8500) component now binds to localhost instead of, so it is no longer erroneously available from outside the Pod
2 months ago