github thednp/bootstrap.native 3.0.0
ES6/ES7 Version
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  • removed V3 completely, we now continue development for V4 only
  • major reworks for all components with many fixes and improvements, with modern ES6/ES7 sourced scripting
  • all components receive the dispose() instance method and the ability to re-initialize on the fly
  • support for “default prevented” for select event types like show, hide, slide, etc
  • exported most utils to shorter.js
  • removed manual tokenization for better gzip compression
  • reworked polyfills for IE10+ compatibility
  • added rollup build scripts and removed old build scripts
  • removed bower
  • library documentation and wiki guideline updates

Important Notes

  • all components are not exported directly to global anymore because the new rollup build based tools
  • your custom scripting will need updates to use this version, EG: new Carousel('#target') becomes new BSN.Carousel('#target')

More details at #306

2 months ago