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Ah, we finally reached 1.0.0! Other than the official christening of a major version, there’s mostly smaller code changes from v0.10.0. From here on out, we’ll be following semantic versioning rules like Nimble.

This release is intended to work with Xcode 8.1 / Swift 3.


  • Fix bug where test modules with spaces failed to run tests
  • Remove dependency on Nimble for Swift Package Manager

Documentation Changes

  • Add version table for Quick / Nimble versions to Swift versions in README
  • Update docs for testing with mocks / doubles
  • Update function prototypes for shared examples
  • Update docs for setting up with Xcode
  • Add section about who uses Quick. Feel free to add yourself or add a testimonial!
  • Add shared examples documentation in zh-cn (Chinese)
  • Add behavioral testing in pt-BR (Portuguese)
  • Add README in pt-BR (Portuguese)

See the documentation directory for a list of languages or contribute one!

Thanks to @takecian, @ikesyo, @pedrovereza, @CodingItWrong, @istx25, @MP0w, @wongzigii, @rastersize, @marciok and the many contributors leading up to 1.0.0! 👏🏽

3 years ago