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This release supports Xcode 7.2 and the Swift package manager from 2.2-SNAPSHOT-2016-01-11-a.


  • Thanks to @morganchen12 and @jwfriese, Quick now displays more informative error messages when the describe/context/it language is used incorrectly. For example, it("foo") { afterEach {} } will now raise an exception with the message: “‘afterEach’ cannot be used inside ‘it’, ‘afterEach’ may only be used inside ‘context’ or ‘describe’.”
  • Thanks to @paulyoung and @briancroom, Quick may now be installed via the Swift package manager. See the Package.swift file file for an example of how to specify a dependency.
  • A nasty issue would cause Quick to fail to execute certain tests after the user ran a specific test via the Xcode test navigator (see and for details. Thanks to @sharplet, this issue has been fixed.
4 years ago