Organizations are shared accounts for collaborations between team members on projects that are relevant for all. They have exactly the same functionalities as regular accounts but allow multiple users to manage projects, notification channels and settings. Of course, with a permission model that allows more or less power to different users, by categorizing them to organization owners, managers and members.

Organizations allow users to manage multiple lists of projects and their notification preferences without the need to create multiple accounts.

One user account can be a part of multiple organizations and can switch between them without the need to logout and login again as a different account.

Suitable for teams and individuals, as well

Collaboration between multiple persons is the main goal of the organization. Organizations allow grouping projects by different purposes, whether that is a specific project or a team. Each member of the organization can have private list of projects that he is interested in and also can manage projects in multiple organizations, clearly separating them and setting different options and notification channels.

But organizations can have only one member, also. Someone can start a project and create a NewReleases Organization just to group dependencies and prepare for eventual team expansion.

Creating an organization

A section named Organizations is part of the Settings pages. A new organization can be created there by providing its name and email address. Every organization must have an email address, just as any other personal account does, with a difference that it cannot be used for signing in. Organization email address must be verified and it will be used as a destination for NewReleases email notifications for projects under that organization.

Adding members

The person who creates the organization is automatically its owner and can add new members. Every member can have one of three levels of permissions: member, manager and owner. Only owners and managers can manage members, add new ones, remove existing and change their permission level.

Adding new members is by inviting them by providing their account email address. By inviting a user to the organization, that user automatically can see the organization name and its email address.

Every user can accept or reject the invitation to an organization. Only after a user accepts the invitation, his or her name is visible in the organization member list.

Membership permissions

Add, configure and remove projects
Add, configure and remove notification channels
Add, configure and remove API keys
Add and remove Tags
List organization members, managers and owners
Add, remove and change permission for organization members and managers
Add, remove and change permission for organization owners
Change organization email notification options
Change email address
Remove organization

Switching between organizations and personal account

A user can switch its session on NewReleases website to be active as a personal account or a specific organization that he is a member of. This is done in the header menu and in the Organizations list. Make sure that you are aware of which organization or account is active while making changes to projects or settings by checking the name in the header.

Deleting organization

Organization can be deleted at any time only by its owners. All projects and members will be removed. This is not a reversible action.