Latest releases
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yarn laravel-mix on Node.js Yarn 2.0.0
github netlify/netlify-cms on GitHub 1.0.4
packagist mcamara/laravel-localization on PHP Packagist v1.3.4
github orgzly/orgzly-android on GitHub v1.6.2-beta.7
packagist google/cloud-bigquery on PHP Packagist v1.0.2
github mjswensen/themer on GitHub themer-colors-nova-v1.0.0
sourceforge dxwnd on SourceForge Latest build/v2_04_62_build.rar
sourceforge dxwnd on SourceForge Sources/v2_04_62_src.rar
github M66B/NetGuard on GitHub 2.171
npm ts-node-dev on Node.js NPM 1.0.0-pre.9
maven org.springframework:spring-core on Java Maven 5.0.3.RELEASE
maven org.springframework:spring-core on Java Maven 4.3.14.RELEASE
github SheetJS/sheetjs on GitHub v0.11.18
npm rollup on Node.js NPM 0.55.0
npm js-base64 on Node.js NPM 2.4.2
github PanJiaChen/vue-element-admin on GitHub v3.6.1
github nextcloud/mail on GitHub v0.7.9
github chromium/chromium on GitHub 66.0.3329.3
github chromium/chromium on GitHub 66.0.3329.2
github chromium/chromium on GitHub 66.0.3329.1
github chromium/chromium on GitHub 66.0.3329.0
github mjswensen/themer on GitHub themer-v3.1.0
github ionic-team/capacitor on GitHub v0.0.15
sourceforge iup on SourceForge 3.24/Docs and Sources/
sourceforge iup on SourceForge 3.24/Docs and Sources/iup-3.24_Examples.tar.gz