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NewReleases can send notifications directly to your Google Hangouts Chat room or even multiple rooms.

The integration is done using Google Hangouts Chat Webhooks. You would need to generate a new Webhook and add it to NewReleases on Hangouts Chat settings page.

How to turn it on?

  1. Open your target Hangouts Chat room and click on Configure webhooks link in the dropdown menu
  2. If you already have webhooks defined, click Add another
  3. Enter a webhook name, something meaningful to you
  4. Paste the avatar URL in the next input field:
  5. Click on Save and copy the generated link
  6. Open Hangouts Chat settings page
  7. Enter the webhook name, paste the URL that you just copied and click Add Webhook button

More details on how Hangouts Chat webhooks work and how to use them are on the official documentation page.


NewReleases will send messages only about new releases of the project that you configured with Hangouts Chat notifications, a message when you enable the integration and one on integration removal. No other type of messages will be sent.

By using a webhook integration, NewReleases is unable to access room's content which ensures complete privacy.


The proper way to remove Google Hangouts Chat integration is from the same Settings page where you have enabled it. It is possible to enable and disable NewReleases Google Hangouts Chat integration unlimited number of times for any room that you want.


If you encounter any problems, please contact us using the contact page. We will respond as soon as possible, up to one working day, but usually much sooner.