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to your

Receive Email notifications

Be notified when new software version is released. You can change notification email address any time in Settings or disable email notifications globally or per project.

Select for each project whether you would like

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • or Weekly email notifications.
Receive Slack notifications

Slack integration is very simple, just click on Add to Slack button on Settings page and select a channel where you would like to be notified. Every project that you track can be added or removed from Slack notifications individually.

More details can be found on our Slack App page.

Import GitHub Stars

Load your GitHub stars and manage notifications for each of them with all the same options as if you would add it through standard process. Our GitHub application only asks for permission to read your already publicly available GitHub information. Integration can be removed at any time and re-enabled again, while all added projects persisting in the list of projects for tracking.

Import from your project dependency files

Your projects already contain a list of dependencies in some sort of a file. Just drop it on the page and add the ones that you want to track.

Or just import projects directly from a plain text file containing project's links. All it's needed that every link is in the new line.

Supported file formats are:

  • Python's requirements.txt
  • NPM's and Yarn's package.json
  • Java's pom.xml
  • Go's go.mod
  • Ruby's Gemfile
  • PHP's composer.json
Filter versions with Regular Expressions

You are not a developer if you do not know a few tricks with Regular Expressions, aren't you? For every project that you track, a few regexps can be added to exclude versions that are not relevant to you. You know how easy is to miss something with this expressions, make sure to escape your dots and carefully handle numerals, and be aware that usually you'll need a caret in front and a dollar sign at the end. A few examples:

  • Go programming language tags releases very precisely and you can filter out older versions by numbers ^go1\.(10|9)([^\d]|$). It will prevent notifications for releases go1.10, go1.10.1, go1.9... When you are not interested in Go 1.11 patch releases, as you have completely switched to Go 1.12, just update the regexp to ^go1\.(11|10|9)([^\d]|$).
  • Python tags releases very nicely and it is easy to see the pattern for alpha, beta and release candidates, that can probably be ignored with this regexp \d(a|b|rc)\d. Every version that has a, b or rc in a middle of some digits is not a final release.
Get GitHub Release notes, too

Reading GitHub release notes is the most convenient way to follow a changelog. Both Email and Slack notifications include release title and message next to the version, but you can also list all previous release notes on the site.

GitHub release notes are included in notifications of Yarn, NPM, Ruby Gems, Python PyPI and PHP Packagist release updates, if their versions match.

This service is created by developers, for developers. We have tried to solve our own problem and now we are offering the full solution to you.

Currently, the service is in Beta stage. While in Beta, it will remain completely free with all options open for everybody. Feel free to contact us for any further support.